NEWS Update

Spring 2014



   Greetings to All of our ESA Chapters and Members,      

   We are setting up a Google Group so that we may e-mail all of the chapter sponsors with updates and news.  Watch for your e-mail.  

   I want to remind everyone that the test score requirements are set in stone.  This means that you may NOT fudge the scores or allow students with lower scores to join.  Sponsors when admitting students, please adhere to the 90% benchmark on the IOWA and Stanford, the 180/1800 on the PSAT/SAT, and 26 on the ACT.   Unfortunately, many wonderful students do not achieve these benchmark scores, but it is not ethical to make exceptions for students if we do not make them for all students.  Younger students must meet the same benchmark scores.

    Our Omega Chapter now has over 150 members.  We are excited to be able to offer ESA to those who live far away from local chapters. 

     Thanks to all of the chapter sponsors who have mailed in updated information about your chapters.  We appreciate this.

    We are pleased to announce that we now have now chartered over 295 chapters in 44 states and one international chapter in Ethiopia!  Welcome to our newest chapters:

Alpha Pi – Fort Bend County, Texas

Mu Omicron – Fort Myers, Florida

Pi Omicron – NW Chicago, Illinois

Nu Omicron – Montgomery Area Homeschoolers, Texas

Xi Omicron – Starkville Christian Home Educators, Mississippi

    Sharon Powell sent statements out in January.  If you did not receive yours by the end of January, shoot Sharon an e-mail at: and she will check on your bill.  We rely on your dues to help cover ESA expenses. 


Joanne Juren, National Executive Director

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